A Note from our Founder

 My mother is from Nigeria and my father is from Guinea. My family upbringing is the primary reason I am drawn to healing through nature. I remember my mom going to the doctor for knee troubles and declining narcotic painkillers, no matter how strongly they were advised by any health professional.

Inspired by my family’s example, I explored natural remedies and their relationship to wellness. After hemp became legal in 2018, my vocation became clear. 

In essence, I view Trailblaze as not just a product, but a movement. The plant offers so many directions, but, for me, it was the flower that blossomed into new ideas. One of those new ideas was to integrate community outreach with the business. From Jacksonville, Florida, I ventured to the Northern Pacific region and partnered with local farmers and entrepreneurs along the way. We were able to bring young people from my hometown out to learn a new trade, earn regular income and feel the gratification of hard work coming to harvest.

Today, in addition to promoting natural wellness through hemp cultivated with organic practices, we are placing individuals into new opportunities to empower them. My parents were initially scared for me, knowing I’d have to deal with stigma. Through it all, we fought for this,  and we’ve paved a path with so many other pioneers. That’s what Trailblaze is about: being a pioneer with no need for the glory. Just aspiring to pass on the gain.